Heading OneAir aircon installations in the home

Improved insulation offered in most modern homes is great for retaining warmth but is offset by a reduction in circulating fresh air. Installing air conditioning improves the air quality and intelligent heat recovery controls can provide optimum performance. What you benefit from with a modern air con installation is heating, cooling, ventilation and balanced humidity.

At Wesley Air Conditioning we can supply everything from single, portable air conditioners to fitting of the most innovative systems available on the market. Our engineers can then ensure the system is functioning at its best with regular, affordable servicing packages.

A popular misconception is that air conditioning in the home is expensive to install and run. But modern air con systems can prove a economical investment over the long term - and if properly maintained give you all-year round comfort at an affordable price.

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Types of air conditioning installations:

  •     Central air conditioning
  •     Window air conditioning
  •     Rooftop
  •     Console
  •     Split air conditioning
  •     Packaged air conditioning
  •     High velocity mini duct
  •     Portable units
  •     Floor or wall mounted units
  •     Ceiling suspended systems
  •     Ceiling cassette systems
  •     Ducted systems

Central air conditioning

Areas we serve for domestic work include:

  •     London
  •     Bedfordshire
  •     Hertfordshire
  •     Berkshire
  •     Thames Valley
  •     South east region
We provide a UK wide service for larger commercial contracts.

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Split air conditioning
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