Air conditioning systems for businesses

If you run a business, you want to ensure that working conditions are suitable for your staff and comfortable for visitors. In fact, health and safety law requires it.

At A Wesley Air Conditioning we work with the businesses designing and installing heating, cooling and ventilation solutions that cover all their needs, from complete bespoke designs for large organisations to single units for SMEs.

Servicing the system at regular intervals is important in maintaining peak performance and thereby reduce ongoing running costs. All our new installations come with a warranty and two free, 6 monthly services.

Our commercial clients include:

  •     Hospitals, dental practices, doctors surgeries
  •     Shops & retailers
  •     Hotels & restaurants
  •     Leisure centres & sports clubs
  •     Single office sole traders
  •     Multi-site businesses
  •     Warehouses & factories

Air conditioning systems for businesses

One of our keynote projects was for Elster Meters, Luton:

  •     VRV & Multi Split system installation
  •     Consisted of 16 units on 3 Pipe VRV system
  •     36 indoor cassettes in open plan office areas
  •     16 Condenser units

Don't turn your customers off with unpleasant conditions - call A Wesley Air Conditioning for an affordable ventilation solution.
VRV & Multi Split system installation
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